Dominion worker sues Trump Effort and conservative media

There’s not been any proof that the election was rigged.

“I’ve been thrust into the public spotlight by individuals with financial and political goals but, in mind, I’m a private individual,” Coomer said in a statement.

“While I need to do whatever I could to recapture my previous way of life, I have few illusions in this respect,” he explained. “And so, now, I place my hope in the legal procedure, which has exposed the fact of this 2020 presidential election”

Dominion and yet another voting tech company, Smartmatic, have started to fight back against being termed in baseless conspiracy theories. After legal threats were created, Fox News Channel and Newsmax lately times have aired retractions of several promises made in their networks.

There was no immediate comment from people named in the suit.

His attorneys said Coomer is now”the surface of the false claims” Coomer’s name got public vulnerability in a podcast by Oltmann, who claimed to have noticed a planning forecast of Antifa activists. After the possibility of a Trump success was brought up, Oltmann reported that a man identified as”Eric out of Dominion” allegedly said”do not be concerned about the election,” Trump isn’t likely to win. I left… convinced of this,” incorporating an expletive.

In an opinion piece composed for the Denver Post, Coomer wrote that he has no relations to Antifa, wasn’t on any telephone and the thought that there’s a record of him is”fully fabricated.”

The fact-checking site Snopes stated Oltmann has not cooperated in any efforts to verify his claims.

Oltmann also promised that Coomer made anti-Trump remarks on Facebook. The litigation confessed that Coomer made remarks critical of this president on his personal Facebook webpage; he says his webpage is inactive.

Oltmann’s charges disperse after he had been interviewed by Malkin and Gateway Pundit. Eric Trump tweeted. Powell, misidentifying Coomer as operating for Smartmatic, stated in a press conference that Coomer’s”social media is full of hatred” for Trump, and she afterward repeated her fees in a Newsmax interview.

Giuliani, in a press conference, known as Coomer”a vicious, vicious guy. He composed dreadful things about the president… He’s utterly warped,” according to the suit.

Fox News Channel, yet another network popular with Trump fans, isn’t being sued and Coomer uses Fox’s Tucker Carlson to buttress his case. The lawsuit notes that a scheduled Powell look on Carlson’s show didn’t occur after she couldn’t offer evidence for her fees.

Coomer told The Associated Press earlier this month which right-wing sites posted his photograph, home address, and information of his loved ones. Death threats started almost instantly.

He said his dad, an Army veteran, received a handwritten letter inquiring, “How does it feel to get a traitor to get a young child.”

“It is chilling,” Coomer said. And I believe we are on the point of this.”