Driver stabbed in German City, Authorities Stunt Rationale

BERLIN — An assailant attacked the driver of a vehicle in western Germany ancient Sunday and researchers were not ruling out an Islamic extremist reason for the assault, authorities said. Two guys, including the defendant, were detained.

Soon after midnight, the attacker opened the door of a vehicle that has been driving slowly through Stolberg, near Aachen and the border, authorities said on Twitter. He stabbed the motorist, who sustained wounds to the arm and later underwent surgery. Authorities said the injuries were not life-threatening.

They said authorities in the regional center of Cologne took on the situation” as an Islamist background can’t be ruled out”

On Sunday evening, two men — that the 21-year-old defendant and the other man, age 26, who had been in a vehicle with him were arrested in Stolberg, a statement from police and prosecutors said. It added that both guys in addition to a police officer had been injured during the arrest.