Dutch court convicts 6 Guys of plotting Huge jihadi attack

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — A Dutch court convicted six guys Thursday of plotting a large-scale jihadi assault on a public occasion and sentenced them to prison terms ranging from 10 to 17 decades.

Rotterdam District Court stated in a statement that the guys were planning to start a fire with AK-47 assault rifles in a festival and also to detonate a car bomb in overdue 2018. Also, they wished to put on explosive vests and detonate them when authorities came.

But, intelligence bureaus tipped off authorities as well as an undercover operative managed to infiltrate the gang and finally thwart their preparations before any assault happened.

The ring leader, a man of Iraqi descent, was sentenced to 17 decades. The titles of the defendants were not published in accordance with Dutch privacy principles.

The gang”wished to hit on the civilian people and the authorities in the Netherlands using a bloody attack using a high number of innocent victims,” the court announcement said. “Due to the timely intervention of government solutions, they weren’t able to carry out their strategies.”