Dutch hospital: Gynecologist fathered at least 17 Kids

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — A gynecologist who functioned in an artificial insemination program in a hospital fathered at least 17 kids using his semen without telling the parents, the hospital announced Tuesday.

Gynecologist Jan Wildschut, that has since expired, worked in the Sophia Hospital, currently called Isala Hospital, in the southern city of Zwolle from 1981 through to 1993.

“From a moral standpoint, Isala finds it improper that a gynecologist-fertility physician was both pro and semen donor,” the hospital said in a statement.

The hospital stated that the gynecologist’s donor kids, that were verified using DNA tests, along with his loved ones are in regular touch and have a fantastic connection with one another.

Police have produced a DNA profile of their gynecologist so that other kids born after fertility treatment in the hospital can assess if Wildschut is their biological father.

The instance isn’t the first time that a Dutch fertility physician was unmasked for using his semen to inseminate girls.