Dutch Prohibit UK flights, fearing the new coronavirus Version

THE HAGUE — The Netherlands is banning flights out of the U.K. for the remaining portion of the year to ensure a new breed of coronavirus that’s sweeping across southern England doesn’t reach its beaches.

The Netherlands said it’ll evaluate”along with other European Union countries the chances to include the import of this virus in the United Kingdom.”

Johnson explained a fast-moving new version of this virus that’s 70 percent more transmissible than present breeds seems to be driving the rapid spread of new diseases in London and southern England.

“There is no evidence to indicate it’s more deadly or causes more serious illness,” the prime minister stressed, or vaccines won’t be as effective against it.

The Dutch authorities are already advising its citizens not to travel unless needed.

Britain has alerted the World Health Organization that the new version identified this week is accelerating the spread of COVID-19, stating it accounted for some 60 percent of their funding’s cases.

Viruses mutate frequently, and scientists have discovered thousands distinct of mutations among samples of this virus inducing COVID-19. But a number of these modifications don’t have any impact on how easily the virus spreads or how intense symptoms are.