Duterte warns he Will Intervene if House squabble Dangers budget

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine president cautioned Thursday he will intervene and solve a leadership row at the House of Representatives when the impasse threatens to stall the passage of the following year’s budget throughout the coronavirus crisis.

President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t elaborate on what he’d do if House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano and Rep. Lord Allan Velasco neglect to finish their rivalry over the direction of the 300-member legislative room. Duterte appeared on TV to broadcast his warning with leading military and police officers supporting him.

“Either you solve the matter in your impasse there and pass the funding lawfully and constitutionally and if you do not do it, I will do it for you,” Duterte said.

“Think of those Filipinos who are at the hospital and want medicine and individuals who might die now without medicine, without anything,” Duterte said, ” he shouldn’t be hauled to the direction squabble.

Velasco said he must presume that the speakership from Oct. 14 beneath a power-sharing deal brokered by Duterte. However, Cayetano required that Velasco prove that he has the backing of the majority of legislators, then suddenly permitted the suspension of congressional sessions before Nov. 16, pre-empting any effort to wrest control of Congress out of him.

Many lawmakers protested they were deprived of the right to inspect the funding and also called for an immediate resumption of congressional sessions.

Opposition Rep. Edcel Lagman stated deliberations about the proposed budgets to the Department of Health and other agencies have yet to be reasoned and were overrun by the direction squabble.

The Philippines has reported that the maximum number of verified COVID-19 diseases in Southeast Asia at over 331,000, with over 6,000 deaths.