Egypt delegation visits Libyan Funds, Matches Tripoli gov’t

CAIRO — Egyptian diplomats and intelligence officers came to the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Sunday, Libyan officials said, the many senior Egyptian delegations to pay a visit to the western portion of the conflict-stricken nation in years.

The delegation met with Fathi Bashagha, the strong interior minister of this Tripoli-based authority, in addition to Emad Trapolsi, head of intelligence in western Libya.

Bashagha’s office said in a declaration which they discussed”mutual safety challenges and methods to boost security cooperation” They also talked about ways to encourage a U.N.-brokered cease-fire bargain which Libya’s warring sides achieved in October, ” the announcement said.

Oil-rich Libya is now divided between the U.N.-supported authorities in Tripoli and a rival government based at the city of Benghazi and which controls the nation’s east and southwest.

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates back the oriental forces, headed by army commander Khalifa Hifter. The Tripoli government mostly has funding from Turkey, whose army service helped cause the meltdown that this spring of Hifter’s yearlong effort to catch Tripoli.

Matic stated they discussed that the reopening of the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli following an over six-year closed, in addition to the resumption of flights between both nations.

There was no official comment from Egypt regarding the trip, along with a Foreign Ministry spokesman did not answer telephone calls seeking comment.

The trip to western Libya came just over a week after Egypt’s intelligence chief, Abbas Kamel, fulfilled in Benghazi with Hifter along with the speaker of this eastern-based parliament, Aguila Saleh.

Bashagha, the Tripoli-based inside ministry, attempts to direct an interim government that will rule Libya before an election set for next December. He visited Cairo in November, part of efforts by both nations to”combat the danger of terrorism and organized crime,” his office said at the moment.

The Egyptian delegation’s visit also came one day after Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, alongside the army’s chief of personnel Yasar Guler along with other commanders, met with officials at Tripoli.

In remarks run by Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency on Sunday, Akar threatened to goal Hifter’s forces when there weren’t any attacks against Turkish forces in Libya. He predicted Hifter and his assistants the”main problem” in Libya, a clear reference to the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Akar’s remarks appeared to be in reaction to Hifter, who said he’d target Turkish troops in Libya if Ankara does not quit interfering in the nation. He said Turkey could”leave to be pushed out by force.”

Last week, Turkey’s parliament too extended for 18 months a law that permits the deployment of troops to Libya.

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