El Salvador president Insists negotiating with gang

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele is denying a report that his Administration Was negotiating with among the Nation’s most Influential gangs to Reduce the murder rate and Acquire their support from mid-term elections in Trade for prison Statements

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — El Salvador President Nayib Bukele denied a report Friday that his administration was negotiating with among the nation’s most influential gangs to decrease the murder rate and acquire their support at mid-term elections in trade for prison statements.

The allegation is extremely sensitive in the Central American state, in which the gangs have terrorized individuals with extortion and killings for ages. Multiple former officials in past administrations are now being prosecuted for allegedly engaging in a similar agreement with all the gangs.

El Faro reported Friday that it had acquired a cache of government records, such as prison logs and prison intelligence reports, that reveal government officials have held continuing negotiations with the MS-13 gang because June 2019.

If true, the allegations are a serious blow to Bukele who campaigned as a law-and-order president, and it has sought to bolster this picture through tough conversation and activities while in office.

Back in April, after several days of street violence in which over 60 people were murdered, Bukele ordered that members of rival gangs be mixed inside cells, ‘d sheet metal set up to secure cells so offenders could not communicate with those external and circulated photos of dozens of gang members stripped into underpants and made to sit each other around the ground.

“Stop killing instantly or you and your homeboys are going to be the people who pay the consequences,” he explained in a tweet at the moment.

Bukele referred to these activities Friday to indicate the allegations he had been negotiating with a group were absurd, linking to announcements of concern regarding his brutal activities from the United Nations and also Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

He explained his critics had”devised a book” with the narrative after exhausting other strikes against him.

Bukele won election in 2019 as a candidate out of the two dominant parties — but he climbed through the ranks of a few of these. Throughout his first year in office, he gained fame as El Salvador’s infamous murder rate started to fall.

Some voiced suspicions that the decrease killings signaled an arrangement with the new government.

In 2012, the government of President Mauricio Funes supposedly reached a similar arrangement with all the gangs. In July of the past year, a court-ordered home arrest for retired Gen. David Munguía Payes, who’d served as defense minister because the government and supposedly participate in the discussions.

Funes, who fled to Nicaragua and obtained asylum there, has denied bargaining with all the gangs.

Rumors have arisen this circumstance is occurring again and we’re going to research. Nobody can make the most of this institutionality to negotiate with terrorists”

Security adviser Luis Contreras stated if the documents were real, he’d wish to learn precisely what had been negotiated. He welcomed Malara’s guarantee of an investigation”because we could see if the institutionality is functioning in the nation.”

The report Friday” verifies that there’s a discussion like in previous authorities to reduce homicides in trade for a variety of advantages to these gangs,” Aguilar said.

“The significant issue is that now they do not wait for many years to pass along with also the officers leave their rankings, but instead that the Attorney General’s Office triggers the legal mechanics to explore these cases and determine duty,” she explained.