Emily Ratajkowski is working on Publication of Experiments,’My Body’

“EmRata,” because the countless followers that online understand her, is working in an article series called”My Body” Metropolitan Books will print it in 2022.

Following Metropolitan, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company, Ratajkowski will research”what it means for a girl and also a commodity,” how guys treat girls and why girls permit it.

“Emily Ratajkowski shows herself to become devastatingly honest, nuanced, and powerful — I am surprised that she thinks of herself as a writer,” Metropolitan editor Sara Bershtel stated in a statement Friday. “I also respect how she is, how political, and unafraid — what force she will be!”

Ratajkowski first rose to international attention through her starring role at the”Blurred Lines” audio-video, where she appeared alongside singer Robin Thicke. She’s an entrepreneur and activist that has supported Bernie Sanders’ two presidential campaigns and also made dresses for which portion of the profits are given to Planned Parenthood.