‘Empire’ Celebrity Taraji P. Henson hailed for mental health work

However, behind the scenes, she has fought depression and anxiety.

On Thursdaythe 50-year-old celebrity and filmmaker — who’s spoken publicly and openly about her personal struggles — has been respected by the Boston-based Ruderman Family Foundation for her work to end the stigma about mental illness.

“It is OK not to be OK,” Henson, the newest recipient of this Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion, told The Associated Press through email. “Tell somebody. Your vulnerability is in fact your power.”

She won critical acclaim to 2016’s”Hidden Statistics,” roughly three African American mathematicians in NASA who played an essential role in the first days of this U.S. space plan, also won a 2016 Golden Globe for her role as Cookie Lyon in tv’s”Empire” series.

In 2018, the Washington, D.C., indigenous began the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation to prevent people who have mental illness from becoming stigmatized — particularly Blacks, who she says are somewhat not as inclined to seek therapy.

This season, together with all the coronavirus pandemic complicating people’s psychological health struggles, Henson’s base has been assisting African Americans — who have been affected by COVID-19 — accessibility free online treatment.

Henson named the basis for her dad, a military veteran whom she stated”returned ” out of his service in Vietnam. The organization, she explained, is”dedicated to offering aid to African Americans who confront trauma daily only since they’re Black.”

Henson is also one of many celebrities engaging in a string of virtual panels concerning equity and inclusion in Hollywood hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the company that places on the Oscars.

The Ruderman Family Foundation functions for additional inclusion and opportunities to the handicapped.

“When character models and influencers such as Taraji are so outspoken in their own experiences with mental illness, it’s the capability to inspire countless individuals to accept their particular mental health difficulties and find healthy ways to tackle them,” explained Jay Ruderman, president of this team.

“However, it has not only been words together with Taraji. She took actions,” he explained. “We want more individuals like Taraji to keep to get rid of the stigma about mental health across all of our communities in the usa.”