Epic Games Gets “Kid-Safe” Tech Company SuperAwesome

While Epic has gained other game studios before, for example, Rocket League programmer Psyonix, also it has looked towards businesses that make tools for programmers, like the facial cartoon technology of Cubic Motion.

“SuperAwesome’s Kids Internet Services platform is a parental approval management toolkit which makes it simpler for programmers to construct fantastic adventures for users of all ages,” Epic’s press release describes. The business also conducts a tool named AwesomeAds, enabling devs to”provide kid-safe monetization within their merchandise.”

“SuperAwesome stays committed to encouraging existing clients and will associate with Epic Games to further their mission to make the net a safer place for children,” the release reads.

“More kids socialize online than ever before and now’s the opportunity to double back on their safety,” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney mentioned concerning the acquisition. While it’s unknown just how a lot of people under 18 play with Epic’s enormous battle royale Fortnite, the match is anecdotally known to attract a youthful audience.