EU chief says UK Can’t Alter EU-UK withdrawal Arrangement

BRUSSELS — European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated Wednesday the United Kingdom can’t unilaterally alter the EU-UK bilateral withdrawal arrangement without ruining worldwide trust in the nation.

Insisting that opportunities for a future transaction deal are falling away by the afternoon, von der Leyen advised the European Union’s legislature that aims by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to renege on regions of the withdrawal agreement signed by the two of them dimmed those expects further.

What is more, she insisted that Britain is throwing its great name into the end by not respecting a deal it approved and signed last December.

“It can’t be unilaterally altered, dismissed,” she explained. “That is an issue of trust and law and decent faith,” she explained in her State of this Union speech.

“Britain doesn’t violate treaties. It’d be bad for Britain, poor because of our connections with the rest of the planet and poor for any prospective treaty on commerce,” von der Leyen quoted from Thatcher.

Johnson has predicted his plan to unilaterally rewrite Britain’s divorce agreement with all the EU an insurance plan against the bloc’s ridiculous behavior.

Johnson started a planned law made to simplify parts of the Brexit withdrawal arrangement he consented to was needed since the EU could”go to extreme and ridiculous lengths” in the treatment of former manhood Britain.

Von der Leyen stated, nevertheless, the EU will constantly honor its signature –“We’ll never backtrack on that.”

The European Parliament would have to accept any transaction deal, along with the leader of their largest set of this legislature, stated that any arrangement coming to parliament would stand no chance if the UK disrespected the smallest paragraph of this global thing.

Weber cautioned: “Great Britain, you’re losing your credibility at the worldwide level.”