EU lashes out at Turkey over Principle of law, rights, Rights

BRUSSELS — The European Union said Tuesday that Turkey’s negotiations about linking the planet’s largest trade bloc should not be accelerated due to its failure to maintain democratic criteria, protect the liberty of its courts and effectively combat corruption.

“Turkey remains an integral partner for the European Union. But, Turkey has continued to move farther away in the European Union with severe backsliding from the subjects of democracy, rule of law, basic rights, and the independence of the judiciary,” the commission stated.

Turkey started its EU membership talks in 2005 but they’ve stood in a standstill in the last couple of decades, and worries with Ankara have mounted because of its contested energy mining in regions of the Mediterranean Sea.

Some EU nations oppose the big, comparatively poor, and largely Muslim nation joining. Germany, especially, would favor another sort of”privileged partnership.” France also is opposed to Turkey’s membership, and most of the 27 EU countries must agree for almost any nation to combine.

Countries hoping to have a chair in Europe’s large table has to align their legislation and laws in 35 coverage areas, or negotiating phases. EU leaders agreed in 2018 that no discoveries in Turkey’s accession talks must be closed or opened.

“The analysis presented now confirms the underlying facts contributing to this evaluation still hold, regardless of the government’s continued commitment to the goal of EU accession,” said the commission, that conducts and tracks registration talks on behalf of their 27 EU states.

Also, it stated that the”adverse consequences” of a state of emergency, which was imposed by Erdogan following a failed military coup attempt in Turkey in 2016 and increased a couple of decades back, continue to be felt now.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said that the report was a manifestation of”the EU’s prejudiced, unconstructive and double-standard strategy.”

“Our sincere desire is for the EU to have a look at the EU candidate country Turkey, not throughout the greedy and narrow vision of certain circles, but the frequent interest and vision of the continent,” it stated.

The commission was upbeat about Ankara’s migration policy. It stated that”Turkey continued its outstanding efforts to give unprecedented humanitarian support and assistance to over 3.6 million registered refugees from Syria and approximately 370,000 enrolled refugees from different nations.”

The EU is based on Turkey to prevent migrants from entering the bloc via its boundaries with Greece and Bulgaria, also is paying approximately 6 billion euros ($7 billion) to assist Syrian refugees from the nation to convince Ankara to not allow migrants visit Europe. EU leaders proposed last week they are eager to send Turkey more funds.