EU to Eliminate Serbia, Montenegro By Coronavirus Safe List, Sources Say

The European Union is utilized to eliminate Serbia and Montenegro from the secure collection of nations where non-essential travel is permitted, while such as the United States wasn’t discussed given its sharp increase in cases, EU officials said.

The listing is merely a recommendation.

Both Balkan nations were put to be eliminated due to spreading diseases, officials explained.

EU nations also discussed eliminating Algeria and Morocco in the list because of a rise in cases, but the majority opposed the transfer because amounts there are still comparatively low. Both north African nations are consequently set to stay on the protected list.

Luxembourg and Cyprus supported the addition among the list of those United Arab Emirates according to information supplied by Cyprus, but other nations it, officials said.

Proposals from Cyprus to include Israel, Libya, and Jordan into the record were also dropped.

Following the exception of Serbia and Montenegro, 13 states will stay on the listing.

Despite being among the, traveling from China will be permitted only if the Chinese government also lets in EU visitors. The reciprocity requirement isn’t applied in the event of the other listed states.