EU to Invest Countless millions more on refugees in Turkey

BRUSSELS — The European Union intends to devote countless millions of euros during the next year supporting refugees residing in Turkey, the majority of those people who fled the war at Syria.

Even the EU’s executive body, the European Commission, said Wednesday that it’s stretching two applications, one which offers cash aid to refugees from Turkey to satisfy their basic requirements and another that provides capital to help educate kids.

The applications will be extended till early 2022 at a whole price of 485 million euros ($590 million).

The commission stated they supply much-needed cash to over 1.8 million refugees and help instruct over 700,000 children. Cash doesn’t go right to Turkey’s authorities.

Turkey is home to nearly 4 million refugees. Approximately 70 percents are women and kids, and the overwhelming bulk of refugees reside out of migrant camps.

The European Union is based on Turkey to prevent migrants and refugees from attempting to get to the bloc’s 27 member countries illegally. Well over a million people entered the EU in 2015, overpowering Greece and Italy and sparking among the bloc’s worst political crises.

In 2016, the EU offered Turkey around 6 billion euros ($7.3 billion) in support of Syrian refugees on its territory, fast-tracked EU membership, and visa-free traveling to Europe for Turkish citizens if Turkey ceased migrants from attempting to leave for Europe. The number of arrivals dropped radically.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had hunted European aid in northern Syria, however, the request was denied, and that he accused the EU of reneging on its claims under the 2016 deal.

EU leaders subsequently accused Erdogan of”blackmail” but promised to review the agreement in an attempt to end the chaos at Europe’s boundaries.

Part of this cash, 2.4 billion euros, was allowed for humanitarian aid and was contracted out.