FILE PHOTO: Audrey Strauss, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York speaks alongside William F. Sweeney Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Office, at a news conference announcing charges against Ghislaine Maxwell for her role in the sexual exploitation and abuse of minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein in New York City, New York, U.S., July 2, 2020. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Federal prosecutors Drive to Maintain Ghislaine Maxwell Convicted, Query statements about husband

Maxwell, who’s pleaded not guilty to allowing and, sometimes, engaging in dead sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse of three minors from the mid-1990s, contended again for launch on bond at a movement earlier this season. Maxwell’s entry included letters from her formerly undisclosed husband and over a dozen relatives and friends attesting to her”forthright character” and their assurance that she wouldn’t flee.

“Ms. Maxwell would not ruin those nearest to her fleeing, as soon as they’ve risked a lot to encourage her,” Maxwell’s lawyers wrote in the renewed motion for bond.

“The crime conduct set out in the indictment remains unbelievably acute, the proof against the defendant stays powerful, and the suspect has been extensive financial resources and overseas ties, in addition to the proven capacity to reside in hiding for the very long run,” composed prosecutors.

Maxwell disclosed in her revived bond program that she was married for four decades, but prosecutors balked at the idea that could prevent her from fleeing the country and faulted Maxwell for a “clear openness to fool” the court about her resources and her marital status following her arrest.

“Though the defendant now asserts her union would keep her at the USA, her movement doesn’t handle the inconsistent statements she made to Pretrial Services in the time of her arrest, even when, as recorded in the Pretrial Services Report, the defendant stated she had been in the process of divorcing her husband,'” acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss wrote.

Maxwell’s spouse, whose name was redacted from the public version of the court filings, advised the courtroom in a letter earlier this month that the individual described in the national government’s criminal fees will be”not the individual we understand.” He said he didn’t come forward as a co-signer into Maxwell’s first bond program since they were hoping to guard their loved ones” from dire media aggression”

An individual knowledgeable about Maxwell’s thinking said that divorce was a choice she’d believed immediately following her arrest to safeguard the privacy of her husband and family, but it wasn’t pursued.

Prosecutors noted in their reaction to this new bail application that three of those alleged victims recorded in the indictment continue to oppose release. The government contained in their filing a letter to the judge by Annie Farmer, 41, who has publicly identified himself as among those three alleged victims. Farmer’s letter expresses her doubts that Maxwell would appear for trial when she is granted release on bond.

Fleeing the nation to escape once again could match together with her long history of anti-social behavior,” Farmer wrote.

“Maxwell has demonstrated her principal concern is her childhood, which she’s ready to hurt others whether it rewards her,” Farmer continued. “She’s capable of doing this once more. She won’t be afraid to depart the country no matter whether others are going to be on the hook financially because of her actions because she lacks compassion, and so simply doesn’t care about others.”

In Maxwell’s first detention hearing in July, prosecutors conceded they weren’t alleging Maxwell introduced a threat to society if released on bond, but contended that her finances were”opaque” and she had been the”very definition of a flight risk.”

Over $22 million of those resources Maxwell has vowed to secure that the proposed bond could come from the joint sources of Maxwell and her spouse, together with the rest to be submitted by a small number of close family members and friends, based on Maxwell’s court filing earlier this month.

Maxwell’s attorneys noted in their movement for the bond she and her husband have filed joint federal tax returns because 2016. Prosecutors didn’t challenge the truth of the few tax filings, but contended in their resistance that the majority of the few reported resources were Maxwell’s to start with, which she’d”slowly funneled nearly all her riches into trusts and to her husband’s title throughout the previous five decades.”

Because of this, the government claims, if Maxwell were to flee she’d”mostly be forfeiting her own money and resources, thus limiting the moral suasion of her partner co-signing the bond,” prosecutors wrote.

The government announced that Maxwell’s proposed bond bundle would leave her with considerable funds to flee the nation. Maxwell’s proposal”doesn’t alter the government’s position that the defendant has substantial financial resources and may live a comfortable life as a catalyst,” prosecutors wrote.

Maxwell, 58, is your Oxford-educated daughter of Robert Maxwell, the epic publishing baron whose rags-to-riches narrative staged England. She lived an extravagant life as one of the British elite till her dad’s business empire fell in the aftermath of his passing in 1991.

After Lois’s death in August 2019, prosecutors pledged to hold liable anyone who supposedly conspired with him participated in his alleged child-sex trafficking offenses. Their focus quickly turned into Maxwell, who’d been accused in civil lawsuits of easing Epstein’s misuse of young girls and women, allegations that she’s denied. She had been detained on July 2 in a surprise early morning raid in a secluded 156-acre house in New Hampshire which was bought by a shell company in an all-cash trade, based on court documents and public records.

Maxwell’s attorneys have contended that she went into seclusion after Epstein’s death to avoid media scrutiny on her family rather than to prevent arrest. However, prosecutors contended in their resistance that, whatever the motive,” her period in isolation makes apparent, even to the extent she’s loved ones and land in this country, she’s shown her openness to cut off herself completely out of them along with her capacity to live in hiding.”

If allowed bail under her planned conditions, Maxwell will be confined to a New York home with round-the-clock safety and GPS tracking.

Prosecutors countered that GPS tracking would provide”little worth for a suspect who presents such a substantial flight risk as it does nothing to protect against the suspect’s flight once it’s been eliminated. In the beginning, home confinement and electronic monitoring would lessen a suspect’s head start after cutting on the bracelet.” And they contended her planned waivers to contest extradition would probably be”unenforceable and efficiently moot” if she had been to flee.

Maxwell’s attorneys will have yet another chance to cancel the prosecution’s argument because of her continuing detention. Nathan hasn’t yet committed to your hearing and might issue her decision only on the written debates.