Fighting back against Outbreak, AMC offering Theatre rentals for $99 for up to 20 Individuals

As indoor amusement venues continue to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, AMC Theaters declared that weekend it has got a unique offer for moviegoers seeking to find a few of their favorite flicks on the big screen.

Plus they won’t need to be concerned about receiving the worst seat in the home.

The theatre series is offering rentals for a whole theater beginning at $99. The personal parties have been capped at 20 individuals.

People who sign up may cover additional features like a mic to present your visitors within the PA system, which costs an additional $100.

The move comes because the U.S. film theater business continues to have a financial hit because of COVID-19 health regulations which have forced theatres to close or permit only limited capability.

Regal Cinemas declared earlier this month it had been indefinitely final all its U.S. theatres.

On Saturday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that film theaters beyond New York City could reopen with restricted capacity beginning Oct. 23.

Coronavirus instances have been rising since the start of September, together with the federal seven-day typical of new cases rising from 37,780 on Sept. 1 to 55,170 on Oct. 17, based on that the COVID Tracking Project.