First Airplane with Israeli Vacationers lands in UAE after Bargain

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The first flight carrying Israeli tourists to the United Arab Emirates landed Sunday from the city-state of Dubai, the most recent sign of this normalization deal reached between both nations.

FlyDubai airport No. FZ8194 landed at Dubai International Airport only after 5:40 pm, bringing the tourists into the skyscraper-studded city following a roughly three-hour trip. The cheap carrier had delivered one of its Boeing 737s into Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv before Sunday morning to pick up the passengers.

The coming of tourists comes as Dubai specifically attempts to revive its critical tourism sector amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic. The UAE and Israel have agreed to establish routine commercial flights between their nations shortly, while other recent flights have transported governmental and business delegations.

It’s as Israel and the UAE, that had preserved covert connections for many years, attracted their diplomatic relationship out in the open. It signed a normalization deal with Israel along with Bahrain in a White House ceremony in September, which makes them the third and fourth Arab countries to now have peace with Israel.

However, while Egypt and Jordan previously signed peace agreements, the UAE has said it expects having a”hot” peace with Israel. The Emirates also expects the deal with the help of its attempts to buy innovative F-35 fighter jets in the U.S. The prices also combine three countries that remain leery of Iran.

On the other hand, the arrangements didn’t handle the decades-long battle between Israel and the Palestinians, who see that the pacts as a stab in the back out of their fellow Arabs and also a betrayal of the cause for a Palestinian state. The arrangements, which were considered to be an international policy triumph for President Donald Trump before the Nov. 3 election, currently confront the incoming government of President-elect Joe Biden.