First commercial passenger flight under UAE lands in Israel

TEL AVIV, Israel — The first commercial passenger trip to Israel with a carrier in the United Arab Emirates landed near Tel Aviv on Monday, further afield a normalization deal involving the two nations.

Etihad Airways Flight No. 9607 landed at Israel’s Ben-Gurion international airport only after 7 a.m. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner left for Abu Dhabi after Monday with Israeli tourism and travel delegation on board, based on an Etihad announcement.

Etihad stated it intends routine passenger flights between the countries in the long run and has been establishing a dedicated Hebrew site.

Etihad formerly sent to Tel Aviv an undercover cargo airplane flying aid to help the Palestinians in combating the coronavirus. In August, a Star of David-adorned El Al airplane flew from Israel into Abu Dhabi, carrying out a high-ranking American and American delegation from the first direct commercial passenger flight between both nations.

Israel and the UAE declared in August they’d consented to normalize ties, setting off a flurry of business, banking, and intergovernmental agreements, together with an end to a longstanding boycott from the UAE against Israel.

A Cabinet statement hailed the accord as a gateway to”constructive collaboration to manage the challenges in the Middle East” and”encourage the ambitions of the area’s inhabitants.”

Nearby Gulf monarchy Bahrain also signed an agreement on Sept. 15 in the White House together with the UAE to normalize relations with Israel. The UAE and Bahrain will be the third and fourth Arab countries to establish ties with Israel.

An Israeli delegation flew to Bahrain on Sunday to formalize which offer.

The so-called”Abraham Accords” attracted long-clandestine ties between Israel and many Gulf countries — forged in the past several years over a common concern over regional rival Iran — to the open.

The U.S.-brokered normalization agreements have angered the Palestinians, whose leaders also have predicted the deals that a portion of a longtime Arab position that understanding of Israel will come just once Palestinians obtain an independent state of their own.