Floods that Struck Italy, France leave 9 dead, Many missing

PARIS — A female’s body was found Monday at the Mediterranean Sea, bringing to nine the number of individuals killed in acute mountain flood in the boundary between France and Italy.

Back in Italy, rescuers recovered her body from the sea from the Ligurian state of Imperia. Five other bodies, all men, were discovered Sunday at the sea nearby San Remo, on the shore in the border town of Ventimiglia and across the Imperia shore.

The identities of the hottest victims and the conditions of the disappearances weren’t known.

Flooding has ravaged mountainous regions in France’s neighboring region of Alpes-Maritimes and also Italy’s mountainous areas of Liguria and Piedmont, following a storm swept through the 2 states on Friday and Saturday.

Back in France, firefighters at the Alpes-Maritimes area were still looking Monday for eight people missing who witnesses described as being transported off by floodwaters. They comprise two firefighters whose automobile fell into the water since the street collapsed.

French rescuers on Sunday found the body of a guy whose car was washed out by a torrent at Saint-Martin-Vesubie, among those hardest-hit villages, where many homes and a bridge had been destroyed by raging water.

A firefighter also expired last week at the boundary area of Valle d’Aosta.

The flood has put extra strain on areas coping with all the coronavirus pandemic. The governors of the Liguria and Piedmont have requested the Italian authorities for emergency help.

Floods in Italy have regularly turned into crises lately as a result of the absence of regular maintenance in clearing ponds and ponds because of funding reductions.

Italy’s finance minister, Roberto Gualtieri, told RAI state television which retrieval capital for financial harm in the pandemic must also visit the surroundings, adding `’there’ll be added investments”