Former Basque separatist Leader’s Paris trial postponed

Jose Urrutikoetxea went on trial two weeks back on terrorism charges, which he termed”ridiculous” due to his role in ending a conflict that claimed a few 850 lives and terrorized Spain for half a century.

However, the prosecutor asked for a postponement after discovering that Urrutikoetxea was on trial on charges he hadn’t been handed.

The situation will soon be back in court on June 15-16 2021.

Urrutikoetxea directed ETA during one of its bloodiest periods when its victims included children murdered by a bomb when sleeping at a Zaragoza authorities compound. In a meeting after 17 years, later on, he provided an apology, informed other separatists moves against resorting to violence and introduced himself as a transformed man.

Currently, 69, diminished by a struggle with cancer and facing the possibility of life behind bars, the man widely understood by his authorities alias Josu Ternera said he is accountable for the”irreparable harm” due to ETA violence because it sought to construct an independent state straddling the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France.