Former Examination administrator pleads guilty in Faculty scam

BOSTON — A former college entry examination administrator pleaded guilty Friday to accepting bribes to help wealthy parents spanned their children’s test scores as part of a university admissions bribery scheme.

Niki Williams, 46, a former worker of the Houston Independent School District, is one of about 40 individuals who’ve confessed to charges from the event that exposed a strategy to receive undeserving teens into school using fake athletic credentials or falsified test scores.

Prosecutors say, Williams, who administered the school entrance examinations at the public school at which she worked, took cash from the admissions adviser in the middle of their plot in exchange for permitting somebody else to take examinations in place of their kids of Singer’s customers or adjust their responses.

Williams”regrets the harm she has caused her college, her students and the firms which trusted her,” the attorney said in an email address.

“While she’s fought through this challenging procedure, she’s eager to move outside and begin another chapter of her life,” attorney Eric Tennen explained.

Rick Singer, the admissions adviser, Mark Riddell, who covertly took the examinations for the pupils, also have pleaded guilty.

Williams pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud and honest services wire fraud and mail fraud before a Boston federal court judge held through video due to the coronavirus pandemic.