Fouad WhatsApp APK v8.45 – Download Latest Version for Android

Introducing — the hottest Whatsapp updates that anybody can use to this day, Fouad WhatsApp. Rather than other custom programs like GBWhatsApp, there aren’t any unwanted side effects from overuse of the qualities. Meaning you can get each the different characteristics of this program without obtaining a ban.

Additionally, but there are also additional improvements placed inside the program. Additionally, many of these older problems are fixed up, not merely the ban.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is among the greatest messenger programs out there on earth. Users from all around the world can use this planet to chat and contact to any of the friends, family members, and partners at any moment.

But that is not all, WhatsApp additionally allows the usage of voice and video calls between consumers. Additionally, you may even save and share a variety of kinds of networking involving your contacts. These include videos, photographs, as well as files. Provided that you have an online connection, there’s practically nothing from the reach of WhatsApp.

Just use a telephone with cellular data, along with the program may do the job much better than your very own standard messenger.

Therefore, the demand for a program like this is of high need. There’s not any reason why you need don’t add this to a collection of helpful programs in your Android.

Fouad WhatsApp Additional Features

Thus, what exactly makes this different from the very first WhatsApp? Well, there isn’t just 1 response to this. In fact, you’ll discover a dozen different characteristics that Fouad does higher than the original program.

With that said, we have listed the several benefits and improvements that were contained in the upgraded program. This is everything that’s been altered to boost overall consumer experience.

  • Maintaining your accounts secure constantly.
  • The easy user interface makes the program extremely simple to use. Every choice and attribute is not hard to find, identify, and utilize; requiring little to no effort in any way.
  • Each facet of your settings may be completely customizable to your own liking.
  • You could also get live previews of some modifications to your program’s colors.
  • Therefore, among the color choices available will be the primary display of your program.
  • Second, you’ll also have the ability to modify the colors of the chat display.
  • Any discussions which you keep hidden won’t be made accessible as an unread message on your home display.
  • Additionally, you could even hide any media away from the gallery. If you do not need it to be revealed, it is going to stay tucked away from any screening.
  • Can you have a favorite picture of a picture that you like looking at? Select it and place that picture as your permanent backdrop for your app’s home display.


Besides the extra characteristics of this Fouad WhatsApp upgrade, in addition, there are a couple of fixes to older problems. Look back on some prior troubles, as they have been looked at, analyzed, and adjusted to prevent them from occurring again.

Anyways, here are the modifications made to resolve the prior issues of the program…

  • Formerly, the background lock configurations error would happen. This dilemma has been eliminated altogether and will no more be problematic for users.
  • Additionally, when using the snowy motif, a caller’s title wouldn’t be displayed. This issue has also been fixed, so a caller ID will always be displayed, regardless of the chosen theme color.

Obeying these fixes and tweaks to previous problems Fouad WhatsApp has comfy put itself as one of the greater updates to the messenger.

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp

The procedure to download start the Fouad WhatsApp setup is amazingly easy for anybody to comprehend. If you currently have an interest in the program, follow along with start. Otherwise, you can read together and decide for yourself after.

Without further ado, there will be the step-by-step instruction to download, install, and then set up your accounts to get Fouad WhatsApp’s latest version upgrade.


Go right ahead and set up Fouad WhatsApp APK’s newest version on your own Android today to start the influx of messages!