France to Prohibit use of wild animals in circuses, marine parks

Barbara Pompili, France’s ministry of environmental transition, stated in a news conference Tuesday that bears, lions, lions, elephants, and other wild creatures will not be permitted any longer in traveling circuses” in the next several years.”

Additionally, beginning immediately, France’s three marine parks will not have the ability to bring in nor strain angels and killer whales anymore, she explained.

Pompili stated the steps will also bring a stop to mink farming, in which animals are raised for their fur, over the next five decades.

The ban doesn’t apply to wild creatures in additional permanent shows and zoos.

Pompili didn’t set any exact date for the banning of traveling circuses, stating the procedure should begin”when you can.” She promised solutions are available for every single creature” to a case-by-case foundation.”

The French authorities will execute an 8 million-euro ($9.2 million) package to assist individuals working in circuses and marine parks locate other tasks.

“That transition is going to likely be spread over many decades since it is going to alter the lives of several folks,” she explained.