France’s Chief”very Mad” by platforms’ muzzling of Trump

Talking in a recorded video discussion with scholars, Macron mentioned Trump’s instance in arguing for more government regulation of social networking platforms. The remarks, which Macron produced in English, were published Thursday from the Atlantic Council think tank.

“In the exact moment when they were convinced” he wouldn’t hold onto power, platforms which had “assisted President Trump to be this effective” in making himself heard”abruptly cut on the microphone and put the microphone on mute and murdered… all of the programs in which it had been possible for himself and his fans to express themselves,” Macron explained.

“It turned out to be an exceptional response to send, but it is not a democratic response,” he explained.

Twitter eternally shut down Trump’s accounts, @realDonaldTrump, that had 89 million followers.

Macron said the assault and the subsequent silencing of Trump’s accounts were upsetting. He explained more regulation of social networks is required” to reestablish a democratic and public order in this new area where our people believe live.”

“I don’t need to stay in a democracy in which the crucial decisions and the choice to in the point of these reduce your mic… is determined by a personal participant, a personal social media,” the French leader said.

“I need it to be determined by a law-abiding by your agent or with a law, a government, democratically shared and accepted by democratic leaders”