French police station attacked with metal Pubs

PARIS — Dozens of people attacked a police station out Paris early Sunday with blasts of woods and metallic bars, damaging many police cars, officials said. No one was hurt.

It was the most recent action among many attacks against police officers, and at times firefighters, that Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin states are an indication which France is growing”barbarous”

Last week, two police officers in civilian clothing were pulled out of their car in a Paris suburb and taken multiple times using their firearms. 1 officer remains in serious illness.

President Emmanuel Macron would be to match with police unions Thursday to immediately figure out methods to safeguard officers, the interior minister said on a trip Sunday night to Champigny-sur-Marne, east of Paris.

“The authorities would be the (French) Republic and the Republic is the authorities,” he explained. He said the assault was another indication of this”good savageness” he asserts is undermining French worth.

The police station is situated at a home project with 10,000 inhabitants. An official of the union, Unite SGP Police, Rocco Contento, stated on BFMTV the home project in the heart of drug trafficking from the Val de Marne area, in which Champigny is situated.

Darmanin said he wishes to bring a change to a safety invoice specifying fireworks as a kind of arm and prohibit their sale, such as online.

In the wee hours of Sunday, a group of approximately 40 people showered the police station at a housing project in Champigny-sur-Marne with fireworks and other projectiles, Paris police headquarters, that will be in control of the area, stated in a tweet. Attackers also utilized metal bars to crush five police cars. Three windows of this channel were broken.

Fireworks are now frequently used by gangs to venture off authorities in areas known for drug trafficking.

“The small bosses impress nobody and do not dissuade us in our struggle against drugs,” the interior minister mentioned previously.

Investigators were still looking for the three guys who took two police officers a week after yanking them out of their automobile and disarming them within a commercial section of the town of Herblay, at the Val d’Oise shore of Paris.