French prosecutor says Pupils helped killer Locate teacher

Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard reported a 14-year-old along with a 15-year-old are one of seven individuals who appeared before an investigating magistrate on accusations of”complicity in murder compared with a terrorist job” and”criminal conspiracy”

The defendant in Friday’s slaying of instructor Samuel Paty, that had been attacked and beheaded near Paris, provided pupils at the faculty in which Paty educated 300-350 euros ($355-$415) to help him pick out the teacher, Richard said during a press conference.

“The analysis has shown that the perpetrator knew the title of this instructor, the title of this faculty and its speech, yet he didn’t possess the capacity to spot him,” the prosecutor said. “That identification has only been possible with the assistance of pupils from precisely the same school.”

“That is why the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office has decided to prosecute two under-18 minors whose response from the identification of the sufferer to the killer has seemed to be conclusive,” he explained.

Police have identified the killer since Abdoullakh Anzorov., an 18-year-old Moscow-born Chechen refugee who was shot dead by authorities.

Azarov claimed responsibility in a text followed by a picture of the victim which was discovered on his mobile phone.

Another suspect also incorporates a student’s dad who published videos on social websites that predicted mobilization from the instructor and also an Islamist activist who aided the guy disseminate the messages that are supersized, which called Paty and gave the institution’s speech, Ricard said.

Two men, aged 18 and 19, are accused of having aided the attacker by accompanying him when he purchased the weapons, such as a knife and an airsoft gun, which were discovered close to the 18-year-old’s entire body, according to the prosecutor. One of these supposedly drove Anzorov, who dwelt at the Normandy town of Evreux approximately 90 km (56 miles) of their faculty, to close the college around three hours before the killing.

Another 18-year-old defendant had contacts with all the attackers and supported revolutionary Islamism, Ricard said.

Al three of these who were friends of Anzorov, supposedly stated that”he had been radicalizing’ for many years, indicated by a change of behavior, physical appearance, isolation, and an assiduous frequentation of their mosque and ambiguous comments regarding Jihad and the Islamic State group”

On Wednesday afternoon, the French authorities issued an order to dissolve a national militant Muslim group, the Collective Cheikh Yassine. Government spokesperson Gabriel Attal stated it had been”implicated, connected to Friday’s assault” and it had been used to encourage anti-republican hate language.

Named after a murdered leader of the Hamas, Collective Cheikh Yassine was set in the early 2000s from the Islamist activist who’s one of the seven individuals accused of being accomplices to the attacker.

Attal also confirmed the authorities ordered a mosque from the northeast Paris suburb of Pantin to shut for six months.

The Pantin mosque has been penalized for relaying the mad dad’s message on social networking.

Police say it’s long had an imam after the Salafist route, a rigorous interpretation of the Muslim holy book.