Gas pipeline explosion kills 16 praying at Bangladesh mosque

Officials say an underground gas pipeline near a mosque Burst Through evening prayers in Bangladesh, leaving 16 Muslim worshipers dead and dozens Hurt with critical burns

DHAKA, Bangladesh — An underground gas pipeline near a mosque burst during evening prayers outside Bangladesh’s capital, leaving 16 Muslim worshipers dead and dozens injured with critical wounds, officials said Saturday.

The explosion happened Friday night as people were completing their insecurities in Baitus Salat Jame Mosque in Narayanganj, local authorities chief Zayedul Alam stated.

From Saturday afternoon, 16 individuals, including a 7-year-old boy, had succumbed to their injuries. Doctors in a burn unit of a state-run hospital had been treating at least 37 people with burns up to 90 percent of the bodies, stated Samanta Lal Sen, a planner of the device.

TV channels reported that due to the effect of the burst, at least six air conditioners also burst within the mosque.

Abdullah Al Arefin, assistant manager of the Fire Service and Civil Defense, stated that officials suspected that the gasoline had gathered within the mosque in a leak in the underground pipeline, which had gone undetected.

“The gas couldn’t go out since the windows of the mosque were closed due to the air conditioners,” he explained.

Faulty installation of gas lines has been usually reported by Bangladeshi networking, while unplanned road-digging work frequently contributes to disasters in the nation, which is looking for accelerated industrial growth and economic growth.