Graduate recognition Nicki Minaj during tuition _ med school next

Three decades back, a person on Twitter achieved to Minaj using a petition for the artist to pay for college. Minaj consented — on the condition that they reveal her perfect marks. She wrote, “Show me straight A’s I can confirm w/ur faculty and I will cover it.”

A couple of dozen fans required Minaj on the offer such as Artavion Cook. He requested on Twitter if she could help cover his current outstanding balance of $1,300. She did and that week Cook graduated with a bachelor’s in mathematics.

“This afternoon is much more special since @NICKIMINAJ paid my tuition several semesters ago, and now is her birthday”

The paper reports that Cook is awaiting medical school and is preparing to take the MCAT in the spring. He wants to visit LSU Shreveport, Morehouse, Howard University, or Meharry Medical College.