Greece: 243 Optimistic COVID-19 Instances One of migrants in Lesbos

Speaking during a normal briefing Monday, Stelios Petsas stated 7,064 individuals who entered the new camp in Kara Tepe was analyzed, and 243 of these were found positive.

The average age of these supported favorable was 24, and many were asymptomatic, Petsas explained. An additional 160 people, mostly administrative and police personnel who’d come in contact with all the migrants, were analyzed and were negative for the virus.

Petsas stated the favorable cases from Lesbos will be inserted to Greece’s official coronavirus statistics Monday. Health authorities release daily numbers of this virus’s spread daily.

Over 12,000 asylum-seekers were left displaced almost two weeks back after flames on two consecutive nights ruined the notoriously overcrowded Moria camp.

The migrants spent a few nights sleeping rough by the side of a street in makeshift shelters, and held at least 2 protests, attended by tens of thousands, to need to be permitted to leave the island.

Police have assembled a new facility composed of family tents built on a classic shooting range from a coastal region of the island. They started a campaign over the weekend to convince those who were sleeping rough to visit the new camp, and tens of thousands have complied.

But the others are still sleeping in areas and within an olive grove beyond the remnants of Moria. Police were expected to try to get them to go into the camp within the forthcoming days.

Nationwide, Greece has been undergoing a resurgence of the virus, together with the amount of fresh daily cases frequently topping 300, and the two deaths and the amount of these in intensive care components increasing.

Greece has had only over 15,000 verified positive instances and 338 deaths in this country of almost 11 million individuals.