Greece: Homeless migrants will Likely Be Put’in Forthcoming days’

LESBOS, Greece — Greek police stated Sunday that 12,000 migrants and asylum-seekers left without shelter after flames gutted an overcrowded refugee camp on the island of Lesbos is going to be moved into some new army-built tent town” in the coming days.”

Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis stated an estimated 1,000 forever residents of those Moria camp were expected to relocate into the tent town by late Sunday and getting everybody placed at the new website would take a few days.

“In the present time, it is occurring voluntarily in the first phase,” Mitarakis told Greek television channel Open TV.

Police have stated citizens protesting a lockdown enforced following a coronavirus outbreak intentionally set the blazes.

Countless individuals have since camped on a stretch of highway near Moria under police shield after more protests from the Greek authorities refusing to permit the displaced migrants to depart Lesbos to the Greek mainland.

Mitarakis explained that those entering the camp could experience rapid testing to the coronavirus and five cases so far have already been identified.