Greek civil servants walk off Task from 24-hour Attac

ATHENS, Greece — Greek civil servants have walked off the project at a 24-hour hit demanding, among other things, better pay for wellness and education employees and more hiring during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thursday’s strike closed down public services throughout the country, while the involvement of air traffic controls forced airlines to cancel or reschedule flights till 8 a.m. Friday.

Hundreds of health care workers marched through central Athens forward of the main strike demonstration set for the center of the capital later Thursday morning.

The country’s main civil servants’ union, ADEDY, called the strike over a series of requirements, including a rise in medical spending, more intensive care unit beds, and fresh permanent hirings in education to permit for college classes to become limited to 15 pupils.

The union also called for the abolition of a series of taxation for civil agencies and a decrease in consumption tax to 15 percent from the present 24%, in addition to changes to current law on presentations and a form of privatizations.

Greece has been experiencing a resurgence from the coronavirus pandemic which has increased pressure on the health system. The government has raised the amount of intensive care unit beds offered for coronavirus patients, also has pledged to include more ICU beds overall at the end of the year.

The nation of about 11 million people has seen new everyday coronavirus cases hovering around the 300 to 400 mark.