Greek, Turkish foreign ministers meet as Worries ease

A dispute between the two NATO allies and longtime competitions over maritime boundaries in the eastern Mediterranean that this summer caused fears of open battle as warships from the two sides confronted.

The feeling of the two sides said was a short meeting seemed cordial and even jovial since both, both sporting masks, bumped elbows, patted each other on the shoulder and stood at a table to speak. “We agreed that the exploratory and confidence-building talks should happen in the period before us,” Cavusloglu stated, adding that as a sponsor of this meeting, Turkey will be indicating some dates.

“I advised him that it’s helpful to keep a dialog even under the difficult conditions, and now, we reached an agreement on continuing (a dialog ),” he explained.

A Greek diplomatic officer said both agreed to set a date for its exploratory talks. The officer spoke on the condition of anonymity to show the contents of this assembly. The discussions are the 61st round of a long-running procedure of discussions involving Greece and Turkey made to decrease tension and enhance relations which are often testy between the two neighbors.

At odds over a collection of problems, such as territorial disputes in the Aegean Sea, both nations have arrived at the brink of war three times because of the mid-1970s. Before this summer, Turkey delivered a research vessel escorted by warships to the potential of energy sources from the southern Mediterranean in a region Greece states is over its continental shelf and in which it asserts exclusive economic liberty.

Greece mobilized its navy fleet and place its armed forces. The strain has skyrocketed in recent months, together with NATO helping put a deconfliction mechanism where the Greek and Turkish militaries can convey with preventing an accident that may cause war and both sides agree to restart their ancestral talks process.