Greek Union: Force Could be used to move homeless migrants

KARA TEPE, Greece — Greece’s migration ministry said Tuesday the authorities will use force, if needed, to transfer displaced migrants to a different tent city following flames in an overcrowded refugee camp abandoned tens of thousands of people without recourse to the island of Lesbos.

Some 12,000 people fled the flames that gutted the Greek island Moria camp a week. Most are refusing to depart a nearby street where they’ve camped out for nearly a week, fearing they are arrested at the tent town for months.

Only 800 of those 5,000 available places in the temporary army-built website have been stuffed, officials said Tuesday.

But talking to Greek broadcaster Mega TV, he added: “In case this isn’t possible through conversation, then the authorities might need to be utilized. It’s their duty to be transferred to the new website.”

Mariachi stated it’d require at least six weeks to construct a permanent arrangement to substitute the Moria camp, even acknowledging that migrants and refugees will spend the winter.