Grisly beheading of Instructor in terror Assault Uttered France

The supposed attacker was captured and killed by authorities.

The instructor had spoken caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad along with his course, police said.

Four individuals, one a little, were arrested hours afterward, the workplace of anti-terror prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said without elaborating. Police typically buff outside to locate family members and friends of possible suspects in terror cases.

Macron visited the school in which the teacher was employed in the city of Conflans-Saint-Honorine and fulfilled employees following the slaying.

He said the assault should not split France because that is exactly what the extremists want. “We have to stand together as citizens,” he explained.

The episode came as Macron’s government functions to get a bill to deal with Islamist radicals that police claim are developing a parallel society beyond the worth of the French Republic.

A police officer said the defendant, armed with a knife and an airsoft rifle — that fires plastic pellets — has been shot dead roughly 600 meters (yards) from where the man teacher was murdered after he failed to respond to requests to put his arms down, and then acted in a threatening way.

The instructor had received threats after launching a conversation” to get a discussion” concerning the caricatures about ten days ago, the police officer told The Associated Press. The parent of a pupil had registered a complaint against the instructor, another police officer said, adding that the supposed killer didn’t have a kid in the school.

An ID card has been found on the scene but authorities were confirming that the identity, the police officer said. That information couldn’t be immediately verified.

France has witnessed occasional violence between the Chechen community in recent months, at the Dijon area, the southern city of Nice, and also the western city of Saint-Dizier considered connected to local criminal activity.

It wasn’t understood what connection, if any, the attacker could have with the instructor or if he had accomplices. Authorities were fanning on searches of houses and possible relatives and friends of this guy in question, the police officer said.

Both officials couldn’t be named because they weren’t authorized to talk about ongoing investigations.

“We did not see that coming,” Conflans resident Remi Inform, who as a kid had attended the Bois D’Aulne middle school, according to CNews TV channel. He described the city as peaceful.

This was the 2nd terrorism-related episode since the launch of a continuing trial for its January 2015 newsroom massacre in the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which had published caricatures of the prophet of Islam.

Since the trial began, the newspaper republished caricatures of the prophet to highlight the right of liberty of expression. Instantly, a young guy from Pakistan was arrested after stabbing two people who have a meat cleaver beyond the paper’s former offices. They didn’t endure threatening injuries. The 18-year-old told authorities he was angry about the book of their caricatures.

In a video published lately on social networking, a man describing himself as a dad at the college said the instructor who had been murdered had recently revealed an offensive picture of a guy and told students that it was”the prophet of the Muslims.” Before showing the pictures, the instructor requested Muslim kids to leave the area since he intended to demonstrate something shocking, ” the guy stated.

“What was the message that he wished to send these kids? … Why does a background instructor act this way facing 13-year-olds?” The guy asked. He called on other mad parents to contact him and relay the message.