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Additionally, it revealed that the choice to replicate the palace in its first form was the perfect one, ” said Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin, who heads the cathedral’s reconstruction.

“It reveals… firstly which we made the ideal choice in opting to reconstruct the carpentry identically, in pine from France,” Georgelin stated in a meeting. “Second, it shows us the… method where we’ll reconstruct the frame, truss following truss.”

An argument over whether the new spire ought to have a contemporary design or if the trusses need to be made of fireproof cement such as at the Cathedral of Nantes, which had been ruined at a 1972 fire, then finished with the conclusion in July to honor Notre Dame’s unique layout and materials.

A total of 25 trusses should be set up on an unknown date at the cathedral nave. Philippe Germain, a forestry specialist working on the cathedral job, stated the carpentry stage won’t arrive before 2022.

“The issue of Notre Dame isn’t a carpentry issue. We’ve got the timber. We understand how to take action,” Germain explained. “The major issue is about the rock “

Some stone — that encourage the carpentry — have been ruined by the fire and”it is not so simple today” to discover similar gems, he explained.

For now, the delicate job of dismantling melted scaffolding, that was initially erected to refurbish the now-toppled spire, proceeds. This job began in early June, will be finished in October.

It’s not yet understood what technique will be utilized to produce and set up the wooden trusses.

The truss mounted to the weekend screen is a replica of truss No. 7, even more, sophisticated the initial six trusses, that have been”cruder,” said Florian Carpentier, website manager for the group by Carpenters Without Borders staff which felled the trees and used axes to cut the logs to the wooden framework. With rope wires along with a two-wheeled system, the carpenters gradually pulled the truss they constructed in July on the floor where it had been laid out.

“it is a minute to view, ancestral techniques which continue. There’s the current and the past and it connects us to our origins,” said Romain Greif, an architect that arrived along with his family to see the screen. “It is an occasion.”

In the last touch, when the No. 7 truss replica has been raised on top, a carpenter shinnied up the wooden beams — to cheers — to tie an oak branch into the peak of the triangular arrangement, a sign of prosperity and a salute to the employees, a convention still honored in several European nations.