Gunman kills 4 relatives, before self at Ontario House

A police announcement said that he had been a relative of the household residing in the home in Oshawa, Ontario.

Authorities were seen towing off a pickup truck registered to Lapa using Manitoba license plates, which some neighbors said that they had not seen parked in the home previously.

Numerous calls came in about 1:20% reporting the noise of gunshots in the house.

He said officers also discovered a 50-year-old girl in the home using a gunshot wound and she had been taken to a hospital with severe but non-life-threatening harms.

Liz McIntosh, who lives next door into the household, said she awakened to the noise of gunshots and screams, then saw authorities strategy the land with guns drawn.

“It is horrible. You never would believe this could occur, particularly in this area. It is very silent,″ she explained, noting that many households have lived there for decades.

“That is a calm neighborhood,″ stated her husband, Cliff Chow. “Most of this time we do not lock the doors. ″

McIntosh stated she heard the shots ring out within a span of 20 or 30 minutes.

“I feel terrible with this household, how dreadful. It is just dreadful,″ she explained, adding she was afraid for herself.

“I did not know when it had been going on when there was a shot running around the area trying to conceal, perhaps they’d come to kick through our doorway? ″

Carol Gibson, who lives down the road, said she had been startled awake by the episode.

“The initial shot woke up me, then I discovered about four or five after that,″ Gibson said. “Then a girl cried and there were just two shots then.”

Gibson said she’d understood the family in the home for about 20 decades.

“If they were not playing baseball, baseball or shooting hoops onto the driveway they had been outside raking leaves and they did it as a family. An extremely caring family. ″

Rob Mitchell, another neighbor, explained them as outgoing and kind.

“They’re very very concerned with their children and what they’re doing locally. It certainly does not make any sense in any way,” Mitchell stated.