Haiti journalists denounce police brutality, Need justice

The team chanted”no more violence against journalists” Some held up signs that read”The authorities scares us” and”When media freedom is jeopardized, it is a democracy that is at risk.”

Many journalists have been injured while covering continuing, violent demonstrations where protesters frequently struggle with authorities. Others are killed while working on unrelated stories.

Freelance photojournalist Vladimir Legagneur vanished in March 2018 while on a mission, while Rospide Pétion was shot June 2019 since he drove home after completing a radio program where spoke about corruption allegations against the government of President Jovenel Moïse. Back in October 2019, Néhémie Joseph, a reporter for Panic FM and Radio, was discovered in his car at Mirebalais, shot Many times in the mind.

This past year, a different journalist survived a shooting attack, although there was an arson attack on the offices of Radio Television Caraibes during a demonstration organized by police officers demanding higher salaries and better working conditions.