Half century Afterwards, Belgian King Philippe meets half sister

BRUSSELS — It took over half of a century, but Belgian King Philippe has met his half-sister.

Following a few fourteen days, through that the two-decade royal marching scandal eventually concluded, the monarch eventually fulfilled the newly-named Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg — till lately called Delphine Boel.

“We met each other for the very first time in the Castle of Laken. It was a warm experience,” the princess and king said of the assembly last Friday.

Rumors about Albert and Princess Delphine’s mum, the aristocratic wife of a well-heeled industrialist, was in existence for decades but Albert’s two kids not met each other.

Regardless of the acrimonious legal battle with Philippe’s dad, both appeared to get on nicely through a three-hour lunch.

“This extended and rich conversation gave us the chance to learn how to understand each other. We talked about our various lives and areas of interest,” the two said in a joint announcement, clearly revealing how, as a household, they believed each other’s equals.

Princess Delphine, 52, is a performer known for her quirky, occasionally bizarre, statues.

“This bond may develop within the family setting,” they said, signing off as”Philippe & Delphine” with no royal names attached.

Princess Delphine needed to experience a seven-year court fight to acquire household appreciation, if not the importance of a father who had consistently cold-shouldered her.

King Albert decided in January to no more fight a claim he is Princess Delphine’s dad after he agreed to get a DNA test and obtained the results.