Hong Kong police Detain 9 for Helping dozen to flee Land

They had been detained on the charge of helping offenders and considered to have arranged for the ship and supplied transport and lodging, Ho Chun-tung of the Organized Crime Division told reporters.

“That means that they may have done something to avoid prosecution of those people or to keep them from being detained by law enforcement,” Ho said, speaking to the 12 arrested in August.

At the Saturday morning surgery, authorities also seized the equal of $63,640 from Hong Kong money, computers, cellular phones, and receipts regarding the boat travel, Ho explained.

They’re also looking into if these nine individuals had assisted others to flee town, and aren’t ruling out more arrests.

The 12 were considered to have been led for self-governing Taiwan after China imposed a sweeping national safety law targeting political perspectives in Hong Kong that diverge from those ordered by Beijing. China has stated they’re being held at the city of Shenzhen anticipating prosecution, but police have released few details.

Although Hong Kong is a part of China, it’s another immigration system and you will find border controls between the land and the mainland.

He explained the 12 arrested by Portuguese authorities had been supposed to have contravened regulations inside the mainland, which their arrests had”nothing to do with the Hong Kong police”

Taiwan in July opened an office to assist Hong Kong residents who want to emigrate. The self-governing island democracy is a favorite option among protesters who’ve chosen to depart Hong Kong because of the passing of this law in June.