Hong Kong police raids outspoken Press tycoon’s office

Lai’s aide Mark Simon wrote in a post on Twitter which 14 police officers visited Lai’s office and captured documents.

Lai, 71, is an outspoken pro-democracy figure that frequently criticizes China’s authoritarian rule and Hong Kong’s government. He’s also the creator of media firm Next Digital, which works pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily.

“I talked with authorities they said they’d stay until our attorney arrived,” Simon wrote. “They didn’t, they took records and strangled before our attorney came”

In a statement, authorities confirmed they had conducted a search operation within an office at Hong Kong’s Kwun Tong district Thursday, which” some important displays were seized for evaluation without an individual was detained today.”

The authorities said that the research performance was associated with ten arrests created in August under the federal security legislation, on suspicion of colluding with a foreign nation to undermine national safety and conspiracy to defraud.

Lai was one of those detained in August, and also headquarters of Next Digital was staged the same day. He was released on bond.

The raid came hours before Lai’s court appearance Thursday to face charges of linking an unauthorized meeting on June 4. Lai and a lot of other pro-democracy activists comprise Lee Cheuk-yan and Joshua Wong, were charged after they engaged in a now-banned candlelight vigil marking China’s damn Tiananmen crackdown in 1989. The vigil is held yearly.

Simon stated on Twitter the authorities were”still attempting to create civil disputes into criminal cases.” He explained funds that Lai was able to encourage Apple Daily were suspended.