How Minneapolis Teenager Moyana Olivia brings Consciousness to racial injustice through Audio

Young music celebrity Moyana Olivia says she expects integrating social justice activism to her most recent song, “X-Ray,” which can drive young people to vote at the upcoming election.

“From there, I began to kind of integrate social justice activism in my songs.”

“X-Ray” explains the developing tension Americans feel enclosing racial injustice and police brutality. The audio-video — comprising Mac Turner, a young artist also hailing from Minnesota, made by J.T. Evans and headed by Martaize Smith — contains footage and images out of Black Live Issue protests triggered from the passing of George Floyd at Minneapolis that this May.

Regardless of the song’s importance in 2020, Olivia said she composed the tune at only 15 years old in reaction to the departure of Philando Castile, that was captured and murdered by St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer Jeronimo Yanez about July 6, 2016, through a traffic stop.

The household of Castile attained an almost $3 million payoff with St. Anthony Village.

Castile’s departure and also the officer’s acquittal attracted protests throughout the nation, and finally drove Olivia to compose the tune”X-Ray.”

“I sang it in a lot of live events from 2017 to summertime of 2020, but that I was sort of expecting that I would not have to keep singing it,” Olivia explained. “Following George Floyd, I chose to hunker down and type of creating and launch the song to raise consciousness to police brutality.”

On Sept. 25, four weeks later Floyd was murdered while being arrested by authorities on Memorial Day, Olivia introduced the music video.

“Everyone has a kind of platform they can utilize, whether it’s speaking to their loved one’s members and friends or social websites,” Olivia explained. That is where I feel like I could connect with my individuality and also use my voice”

“I’ve got such a robust and potent love for songs. I feel as I must use that platform to increase awareness to matters which are important to me personally and the folks around me,” she added.

Olivia also included the memory of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old by Louisville who had been captured and killed by police officers when they implemented a”no-knock” search warrant on a house on March 13, even though the officials claim that they identified themselves before the entrance. She clarified that inclusion is “most important” for her.

Inside”X-Ray”‘s an interlude, listeners may hear a newscaster describing Taylor’s situation, also at the next verse, Olivia strategically included doorbells to deliver a message regarding the deadly episode.

“I comprised doorbells in the backdrop, simply to sort of raise awareness to the reality that, according to witnesses officers did not do her the habit of declaring they were until they invaded her house,” Olivia explained. “As a Black girl, that case resonates with me”

Together with increasing awareness on racial and social injustice in the USA, Olivia hopes that her tune motivates people to vote at the upcoming election also raises young voter turnout.

“I composed the tune, kind of,” as reported by a doctrine that I have where I think it’s very important to tackle matters that are hard and damaging about our society, but you also should incorporate a concrete call to action that folks are not just observing something awful and going on with their lives,” Olivia explained.

“You can fight for liberty and justice for all,” Olivia states in the audio-video.

“It was quite exciting to sort of go through the site and also make sure I had my plans together,” she explained. “I checked the site like every day simply to be certain my vote had been counted.”

“Although there is a good deal of cynicism about the political system that we have now, you can not reform a system without participating in this to a certain degree,” Olivia explained.

Olivia also discouraged abstaining from voting because of a kind of political activism, stating it finally” has the reverse effect that you would want.”

“Do not consider voting as… that the one thing I can do to take 1 step to generate the entire world I want to view,” Olivia added. “Voting is unquestionably part of that procedure, but it is only one path towards change”