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https // Reviews – Get All Info Here

https // Reviews – Get All Info Here

Https //Auxilio.Caixa.Gov.Br Reviews – Get All Info Here Benefit for self-employed employees (over 18 years old), together with casual income and who don’t get social security or support benefits, unemployment insurance or help from a different national income transfer program aside from Bolsa Família.

The quantity of R $600.00 will be compensated for 3 months for as many as two individuals from precisely the same household; with a yearly family income per individual of around R $522.50 (half a minimum wage) or a total of R $ 3,135.00 (around 3 minimum wages), and that haven’t obtained taxable earnings, in 2018, over R 28,559.70.

For households where the girl is solely accountable for the family expenditures, the monthly sum paid will be $ 1,200.00.

It’s important to know this:

  • Participants of the Cadastro Único who comply with all the principles of this App,
  • with enrollment until March 20, will get without needing to enrol on the CAIXA site.
  • Bolsa Família beneficiaries are going to have the ability for Emergency Help, so long as it’s more valuable. At this age, Bolsa Família is going to be suspended.
  • Those who weren’t in the Cadastro Único before 03/20, but that are eligible for help,
  • can enroll on the site or via the APP CAIXA Auxílio Emergencial.

After finishing the registration, the Individual Will Have the Ability to track Whether They’ll receive emergency support, by consulting with the APP or site:

Caixa Econômica Federal declared that it must produce 30 million electronic societal savings accounts which are going to be destined to casual workers, jobless, person INSS taxpayers and MEIs who are eligible for R 600.00 emergency assistance.

To get access to electronic societal savings, the beneficiaries of this aid have to register on the site ( ) or Caixa Auxílio Emergencial program and choose to get the cash from the Social Savings Digital Caixa.

https // Reviews – Get All Info Here

Savings will be exempt and free from care fees and may be used via the Caixa TEM program. Throughout the electronic account, beneficiaries will be capable to cover invoices and invoices for water, power, phone, among others and also make unlimited transfers involving Caixa accounts or around 3 complimentary transfers to other banks every month, for another 90 days.

A significant detail: all workers contained in the Register Ú Nico in will be March 20 qualified to help which doesn’t have an identified accounts will open electronic societal savings account mechanically by Caixa.

To get digital societal savings, the beneficiary needs to:

Open the Emergency Help Box program on your mobile phone and then click the option”Track your petition”

Input your CPF amounts and click the option”I’m not a robot”.

After inputting the information, a code will be sent by SMS to the mobile phone used to register the program. You have to depart the Caixa Auxílio Emergencial program, visit the mobile phone message box and then input the amounts from”Code obtained”. Save code. It’ll be used again.

After getting the message which the emergency aid was accepted and will be obtained by Caixa digital societal savings, it’ll be required to download the program via the”Access Caixa Tem” connection on the Apple Store or even Google Play.

Open the Caixa Tem program on your mobile phone and click “I’m a beneficiary”.

Input your CPF numbers. There you may write down the amounts you obtained by type and message from the Caixa Tem program. Input the previous code that you used from the Emergency Aid program or assess your SMS messages”.

After you input the amounts, a screen will appear with the message: “We’re nearly ready. Within the upcoming steps, you will make a password and username to use your new Digital Social Savings”.

  • Click Continue to start the Caixa Tem display.
  • Please login. In case you’ve already logged into Caixa in different programs, for example, FGTS or Caixa Housing, by way of instance, you may use the identical password. There’s not any need to register. In case you haven’t registered yet, you’ll require some private info, such as CPF and complete name.
  • Input the date of arrival and email. You’ll have to put in the email twice.
  • Select a password that may not have over two numbers in a row (2 and 1 or 2 and 9, by way of instance ) or become your birthday. Then click “I am not a robot”. Open your email and appear in the inbox for a message obtained with the title”Login Box. When you start it, you have to click the link to validate your information. If you do not find the message from your inbox, check your SPAM folder.
  • To login, enter the CPF amount on the primary screen and your password to the next display.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and zip code of your property.
  • The program goes to the main webpage, click Emergency Help”.
  • On another screen, the data that the petition has been processed will be shown. You might want to answer some questions to verify your purchase. But be cautious: the information can’t be incorrect, this may interrupt the enrollment.
  • Select a name so you recall which mobile phone is enrolled in the Login Box. It might be the make or model of your mobile phone, for instance.

On another screen, click “Consult my electronic societal savings”. It’s possible to assess balance, announcement and make payments and transfers.

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