India Military apprehends Chinese soldier amid military standoff

SRINAGAR, India — The Indian military said it apprehended a Chinese soldier Monday from the distant Ladakh area, where both nations are locked in a monthslong army standoff along their disputed mountain boundary.

It stated the soldier” had strayed” throughout the de facto border across the eastern section of what is referred to as the Line of Actual Control, a loose demarcation dividing Indian- and Chinese-controlled places.

“According to established protocols, he is going to be returned to Chinese officials in the Chushul–Moldo assembly point after completion of formalities,” the announcement said.

China didn’t immediately comment on the soldier’s nervousness.

The high-altitude standoff between the Indians started in early May with a fierce brawl and burst into hand-to-hand battle with stones, clubs, and fists on June 15 that abandoned 20 Indian troops dead. China is thought to have had casualties but hasn’t given any information.

China arrested at least 10 Indian troops, including four officers, after the deadly brawl. They had been returned later after extreme diplomatic and military discussions.

The Indian military statement Monday said the side had received a question from China’s army” regarding the whereabouts of their lost soldier.”

The soldier” was given medical assistance including food, oxygen, and warm clothing to protect him by the vagaries of intense elevation and severe climatic conditions,” the announcement said.

The nuclear-armed competitions have accused each other of crossing into equal land and shooting shots for the very first time in 45 decades.

The sides have held several rounds of discussions by the military, governmental and diplomatic leaders, including discussions between their foreign ministers and defense ministers in Moscow a month. Even though the standoff has escalated, the discussions appear to have calmed the situation across the boundary, without fresh military aggression reported for more than a month now.

It’s broken in areas where the Himalayan states of Nepal and Bhutan boundary China.

According to India, the management line is 3,488 km (2,167 kilometers ) long, whereas China says it’s much shorter. The line divides the regions of physical management instead of territorial claims.

Relations between both nations have frequently been strained, partially because of their undemarcated border. Ever since that time, troops have mastered the undefined boundary and sometimes brawled. They’ve agreed to not strike each other with guns.

India unilaterally declared Ladakh a national territory and split from disputed Kashmir in August 2019, finishing Indian-administered Kashmir’s semi-autonomous status. Also, it pledged to return the Aksai Chin plateau.

China was one of the first nations to strongly condemn the movement, increasing it in international forums such as the U.N. Security Council.