Inspection: Seventeen offer Momentary Diversion with Fresh EP

With a particular album”;(Semicolon),” Seventeen provide some comfortable pop.

Punctuation can be hard, as is putting together an excellent album. Semicolons are infamous small bumps in the street of run-on sentences. Can they combine or do they divide? K-pop’s”self-producing idols” Seventeen take the orthographic challenge of bridging their 2020 using a next extended play but not a full-sized fourth studio record.

The six-track listing’s strategy is to provide readily palatable fare for this challenging period and what better way than to float in nostalgia? The first single”House; operate” is an upbeat poppy field lindy hop that receives the power-up at the area, followed with a slow burn bass with”Doremi”; “Hey Buddy” includes a lively’80s instrumentation vibe which matches nicely with the simple listening setting of”Ah!Love!”; “Light a Flame” gets the entire orchestra pitch in using a Latin-flavored song while”My Love” captures a whiff of a few of these’90s boyband hooks.

“;(Semicolon)” sums up the whole year absolutely: a little amusement, a small diversion and, as the hour’s pass, a bit forgettable.