Iran Starts new College year amid virus Issues

In a video conference, President Hassan Rouhani reported the schooling of 15 million pupils is as crucial as the wellbeing system.

“Education won’t be closed within our nation even under the worst case,” he said, urging the government to execute wellness steps in universities to the amount of those in army garrisons.

The reopening of colleges came as numerous voiced concerns over a potential increase in diseases, for example, medical professionals.

“The federal COVID-19 task force must defend lives of countless students,” said Abbas Aghazadeh, a part of the board of the medical council. “Avoid physical reopening of schools throughout the nation.”

Iran has up to now used distance learning through net apps and TV applications. Police say the system will last for undergraduate college students.

Iran’s death toll from COVID-19 has up to now passed 22,000 from 382,772 confirmed instances. The nation has had the very first and worst epidemic in the area.