Iraq’s highest Shiite cleric backs new parliamentary elections

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani’s remarks came in a statement released by his office following a meeting with all the U.N. envoy into Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert. A photograph released by al-Sistani’s office revealed the black-turbaned cleric meeting together with all the U.N. envoy along with an interpreter.

Sunday’s meeting was the initial public face-to-face involving al-Sistani along with a foreign official because of the spread of coronavirus in Iraq earlier this season. The nation is among that hardest-hit from the virus from the area, with almost 300,000 supported cases and over 7,900 deaths.

Back in August, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said parliamentary elections could be held in June, almost a year before they were scheduled to happen. Early elections are a key requirement of protesters, who were holding mass demonstrations because October demanding a shift in the nation, in which corruption is prevalent.

A new government will be shaped by the politician that secures the maximum assistance from Communist blocs following the elections.

“Parliamentary elections scheduled for next year are extremely significant,” stated the Iran-born al-Sistani, that enjoys broad sway in Iraq and one of Shiite Muslims worldwide. He said the vote ought to be held under fair conditions that provide them authenticity so that folks are invited to take part.

Al-Sistani said early elections have been”the correct and peaceful” route to getting from their present plethora of political, economic, safety and wellness problems Iraq faces.

The cleric warned that flaws in holding the elections in a fair and free manner” will result in decreasing the nation’s issues and accomplishing, God forbid, a stage that could threaten its unity as well as the future of its people.”

Al-Sistani also called on the authorities to investigate big cases of corruption in the country and”to seriously work to show those who perpetrated criminal acts which killed and injured protesters and security forces”

Al-Kadhimi has pledged to investigate their deaths.