Israel Strengthens Lebanon Boundary after Hezbollah threats

JERUSALEM — The Israeli army said Thursday it had been strengthening the nation’s northern boundary with infantry troops” in compliance with the situational evaluation”

The statement comes after a strike earlier this week killed a fighter against the militant Hezbollah group near Damascus International Airport.

Iran-backed Hezbollah has pledged previously to retaliate for any fighter which Israel kills in Syria. The team fired a barrage of anti-tank missiles to Israel on Sept. 1 final year after two of its fighters were killed in an Israeli airstrike near Damascus times before.

This prompted a reprisal of significant Israeli artillery fire in a rare burst of battling involving the bitter enemies.

Israel didn’t remark on this week’s attack and normally refrains from talking its actions in neighboring Syria. Nonetheless, it’s thought to have completed countless attacks against pro-Iranian forces throughout the almost decade-long civil warfare.

Tehran has sent tens of thousands of Iran-endorsed fighters in the previous years to fight alongside Syrian government forces.

Israel viewpoints Iran as a regional menace and has pledged to protect against any permanent Iranian army buildup in Syria, especially close to its frontier.