Israel to Maintain US-mediated talks with Lebanon on Ocean Boundary

JERUSALEM — Israel will maintain infrequent conversations with Lebanon following month in an attempt to solve a longstanding maritime boundary dispute, an Israeli official said Saturday.

Representatives from the three nations are very likely to talk by video conference due to the coronavirus pandemic, ” the official stated.

The official requested anonymity according to regulations.

Israel and Lebanon have no diplomatic relations and therefore are in a state of warfare. They every maintain about 860 square km (330 square kilometers ) of the Mediterranean Sea as inside their exclusive economic zones.

Both are expecting to research and create new gas fields in the Mediterranean after a range of big finds in the past few decades. U.S. diplomats are shuttling between the two nations and pushing for immediate discussions in the past couple of decades.

Lebanon, which is mired in a serious financial crisis, is particularly eager to create offshore energy sources.

The Trump government is very likely to celebrate some direct discussions like the following diplomatic breakthrough in the Middle East, following recent arrangements where the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain — Gulf nations who have never gone to war with Israel — consented to comprehend it and launch diplomatic relations.

Israel invaded Lebanon throughout the country’s 1975-1990 civil war to combat Palestinian militants who had established cross-border strikes, and it occupied a strip of land in southern Lebanon before 2000.

Hezbollah has expanded its arsenal of rockets and missiles since then, and now Israel views it as its immediate military hazard.

Neither side is thought to be hunting war, but they’ve exchanged fire on a variety of events in the past several decades, and the two have cautioned that a future battle would be a lot more catastrophic for the other hand.

Hezbollah, which is regarded as a terrorist group by Israel, the U.S., and other nations, is a part of a political alliance that governs Lebanon’s parliament and government.