Jamal Adams fires back at Jets’ Gregg Williams; not’Exhausted’ at Seahawks Introduction

Adams’ leading Seahawks introduction suggests that will not be an issue.

“I was not bored,” a grinning Adams mentioned in a reference to Williams’ opinions after Seattle’s 38-25 triumph within the bunch Atlanta Falcons. “I had been blitzing. I had been having fun.”

They have never been a significant blitzing defense under coach Pete Carroll, but their strategy to take benefit of Adams’ ability for a Blitzer was obvious from the opener.

Adams’ remark about not being tired came in reaction to a question concerning just how far the Seahawks are employing him as a Blitzer in contrast to his three seasons with the Jets.

“It is roughly the same, in all honesty,” he explained. “It may have been a tiny bit longer. But only out there making plays every time my name is known as my number is called. I am attempting to do anything I can to help the club win and get placed in the ideal place to find the ball straight back to [ Russell Wilson] since clearly, you receive the ball straight back to 3, he is likely to make exceptional plays.”

According to the NFL, his 88.6% completion rate was tied to the third-highest markers in one match in league history to get a participant who tried at least 35 moves.

“I am not utilized to it,” Adams explained when asked what it was like visiting Wilson and Seattle’s crime score 38 points. “It is exciting. It is fascinating to learn when we do come off the area we could make our alterations, grab a breather. For Russ to go out there and do exactly what he’s always done, I am just pleased to be part of the business. These men are telling me they are happy I am here, but I am really happy I am here, guy.”

Adams seemed to receive his hands on an early Ryan pass but wasn’t credited for a pass defense on the official stat sheet.

“Defensively, you could not help but see Jamal Adams,” Carroll explained. “He had been all over the area. He had 12 or so tackles and a sack and has been shut on a few other people and only made some gorgeous plays, tackles and strikes and anxieties and all that. He is an outstanding football player”

The bundle of selections the Seahawks gave up for Adams — that comprised first-rounders at each of the subsequent two drafts — has been deemed by some observers to be excessive since he does not play what is typically regarded as the highest position, nor does he take the ball away as frequently as other leading safeties. Adams has just two interceptions in 3 seasons. He believed he was planning to cap his day off with a selection of Ryan’s Hail Mary effort on Atlanta’s final play, but Quandre Diggs beat him.

“He knows I have just got two interceptions and everybody speaks about my interceptions so that he took it,” Adams said in an amused tone. “I didn’t see him coming. In the conclusion of the afternoon, that is only a hell of a player for him to come in the backsideā€¦ I am just satisfied. I understand the selection opportunities will come when they come and I am happy for Diggs. I told him I am not angry at him one piece. It’s exactly what it is. In the conclusion of the afternoon, the most significant thing was getting a W.”

Along with what Adams can perform on the field, a part of the Seahawks’ motivation for getting him was his desire to incorporate his powerful character to a locker room which they believe has dropped some of its advantages because of the heyday of the Legion of Boom.

“He’s such an energetic character,” Carroll explained. “He has so much passion and he is an amazing competitor. Yes. I am so thrilled he is about our team and we got him. Not only for the drama but what he attracts and how he impacts others, and he will continue to do that.”